Environmental focus

First Hotel Kungsbron is located in “Kungsbrohuset” which is one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in all of Stockholm. A number of unconventional solutions minimize the energy consumption. For example the entire house is heated in part with excess heat generated by the thousands of people that visit the Central Station every day, which is in turn transferred to our building via heated water. It also sports an energy effective glass-façade that lets the sun in but keeps the summer heat out.

The focus on environmentally friendly solutions started before the existing house was even built. As the previous building located in the same spot was torn down they made sure to keep all the useful materials so that nothing of value was wasted. What was not reused for “Kungsbrohuset” was donated to other projects such as the windows that were used in a building in Estonia, and the furniture donated to Doctors without Borders.


Green thinking in the Hotel rooms

At First Hotel Kungsbron we are continually working with green solutions to keep our Hotel as environmentally friendly as possible. On the rooms we have no “single use” products, we use energy-effective LED lighting wherever possible and even our TV’s use LED technology to conserve electricity. On top of that all our waste is sorted and recycled, and we prioritize environmentally certified products and suppliers.
Below you can find further information about changes we have made with the goal of providing the “greenest” accommodation possible.

  • All rooms are equipped with towels from Ecoknit. Their towels save us energy by drying 40% quicker, needs 15% less water during laundy and are over-all more durable than your normal towel. Our guests also have a choice as to whether they would like to keep their used towel or have it replaced further saving energy and water consumption.
  • Our rooms are equipped with “Green Eco Shower” handles, one of the most water and energy-efficient alternatives on the market. It halves the consumption of both water and energy without compromising the water pressure. If you would like to know more about them click here.
  • Instead of using “single use” products our hotel rooms have dispensers with products from Ecoestic. Ecoesticsupply natural and organic products which are completely free of Parabens, EDTA as well as mineral oils. Read more about Ecoestic here.
  • First Hotel Kungsbron washes all our towels and bedding in-house. Not only does it save a lot of greenhouse gas emissions as there is no need for transportation, we have also invested in a water-purification system that reduces the amount of chemicals left in the water.

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